With nearly 30 years experience, Corinne brings extensive knowledge to the hallmark quality and recognizable design style she is well known for. This maturity in craftsmanship also gives chefs, restaurateurs and designers the assurance that products from our studio workshop will be of the best standards in Authentic Hand Made Ceramics.

We use a custom blend of clay that ensures a robust product, capable of withstanding the constant demands of a commercial setting, and take special care with each item made, because we are as passionate about what we do, as you are about what you do.

We spend time with an in depth consultation with clients, to curate a custom collection.
This consideration given to each client’s specific requirements, rather than simply mass producing, is a cornerstone of the level of service and attention to detail you will get from the Corinne de Haas CERAMICS Team.

The Studio, where Corinne and her 4 assistants work, is small enough to ensure exclusive production, but large enough to give you confidence that all your requirements can be met. The small scale production ensures that our ceramics are limited in distribution and remains sought after. This is great news in many a chef’s books.
Because we hand-throw, and hand-build most products, and use few moulds, we can truly custom design ceramics to your heart’s desire.
The innate hand-made variability (i.e. non-machined look & gentle imperfections where the touch of a hand shows) is a highly sought after characteristic of the Authentic Hand-Made Ceramics we are proud to make.

We understand and keep to deadlines. Our clients have often been pleasantly surprised by our completion of orders before the end of our lead time. We have refined the packing of our products to minimize transport breakages and work with reliable service providers and deliver to your doorstep.
Some of our work in action at various restaurants

Corinne de Haas will welcome you at the gallery for a consultation appointment Contact us via phone or e-mail. Please fill in our Trade Enquiry form below to start your journey with Corinne de Haas CERAMICS.