Crafted by hand, our ceramics are created as functional art to enrich life’s daily rituals.
“There is no distinction between beauty and use: if it is useful it is beautiful and vice versa”
Ceramic vessels to use everyday on your table, in your home and in your garden.

Drawing inspiration from the Cape Whale Coast’s immense natural beauty, Corinne approaches clay-work on an intuitive level, designing pieces to nourish people’s everyday life.
From the earliest human history, clay was used for expression in ritual objects and to provide containers and utensils for everyday needs. It is an immense privilege to be part of the “homecoming” of the human psyche in the current greater appreciation and understanding of the value of the handmade object. So, when you use your favourite cup for your morning tea or coffee ritual, you are partaking in this ancient, but contemporary tradition of ceramics’ ritual use, adding great meaning and connection to life through these small pleasures.
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