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Since July ’91, Corinne and a handful of dedicated staff, has made magic happen with clay in the studio workshop, at 14 Harbour Road, Kleinmond. Using a variety of clays, some custom blends, traditional and contemporary processes, we hand make all of the ceramics, infusing each item with our heart and soul.

Experimentation with texture, shape and glazes, have continued to drive Corinne to innovate. Sometimes mishaps can introduce a whole new direction of development, and that is when clay work gets really interesting.

The fluidity that comes from repetition, and the unstrained ease of the hand-making process, working on an instinctual level, is part of what you experience when picking up one of Corinne’s pieces. You can feel the spirit and consciousness of the maker is fused with the clay. This generous beauty and presence makes for a visual and tactile experience, that has ensured the tableware in her gallery stays ahead of the trend, mastering the art of handmade functional ceramics.

The art of handmade functional ceramics
Corinne has always believed that her pieces should be functional and this is what has contributed to their huge popularity in the restaurant and hospitality industry. She is delighted that numerous of the 20 best restaurants named in the Eat Out Awards annually, are clients of hers. Also, the loyalty of her gallery clients, returning year after year to add to their collection, is testimony to this success.
On a creative level, Corinne now finds herself moving into an increasingly minimalistic space with a preference for pared-down neutrals, simple lines, and textural surfaces. An organic approach, using the clay’s own inherent character, has become Corinne’s hallmark recently. Congruence with life on both a cognitive, spiritual, and creative level shows in current work.
The Potter’s Gallery
The Potter’s Gallery, is the showcase for Corinne de Haas CERAMICS, and can be visited daily, from 9 to 5.

We share the courtyard behind the gallery with our eatery, Bistro 14, where visitors can experience our ceramics in action, with their great food, and the best coffee in town, all served in the studio’s ceramics.
Corinne de Haas
Owner and Ceramist

Heading The Potters Gallery team since 1st July 1991, Corinne is the creative force in both the workshop and vision in the gallery.

Claris Botes
Trade Manager

Claris Botes brings more than 16 years experience and understanding of every aspect of our ceramic process to bear and expertly curating the best choices to our patrons needs. Claris also enjoys creating the beautiful displays in our gallery space.

Alexander van den Berg
Admin, Finance & Technical

The Potter’s Son, having been born into the information age Alexander builds and programs kiln controllers to ensure perfect firings and consistent results. His extensive technical skill is also of great use at both Bistro 14, as well as in the various other aspects of the studio.

Chantell Clark
Admin and Finance

Chantell works in conjunction with Alexander on Administration and Finances of both Corinne de Haas CERAMICS and Bistro 14. Her administrative prowess makes for an efficient and effective office.

Emily Plaatjies
Senior Workshop Assistant

Emily works together closely with Corinne when it comes to hand building, fine decorative work and glazing. With more than 23 years experience of the different types of clay and their properties, she knows exactly how to get the most out of each.

Elvin Daniels
Senior Workshop Assistant

Elvin, our in-house thrower, has more than 18 years experience and his calm nature is well suited to his skill of repetition throwing on the potter’s wheel. He works closely with Corinne to bring all the new concepts into being.

Zane Galant
Senior Workshop Assistant

Zane also many years of experience, but shares his time between fishing and clay work. He works largely on the large plant pots, making large platters on the custom moulds of the studio, and is unmissable with glazing and kiln packing.

Amanda van Coller
Workshop Assistant

Amanda helps on all facets, assisting the other studio team members as needed. With her good-natured support, she forms part of the glue that keeps the team together.